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SA-Exim and User Preferences

I have a catch-22 type of problem that I'm hoping one of the lurking
geniuses on this list can help me see the solution.

In an effort to make the VPs happy, I set forth to bring spam
filtering to my company's mail servers.  After rejecting the
commercial Exchange solutions since my budget was $0 I of course went
to my trusty Debian development server and cranked up exim.  

After some research I found two different ways to setup exim to use
Spam Assassin.  The first was to setup a router and transport for exim
to use spamc during the delivery phase.  This worked well, but while
setting this up I noticed the sa-exim project.

This project allowed me to block spam during the SMTP chat between my
server and the spammer.  Sending spammers an equal number of 550
messages sounded like a great idea and so I used sa-exim to reject
things above 10.0 on SA's scale and mark the rest of the spam for the
users to filter using exchange rules.

The problem is that the networking manager wants the SMTP rejection
routines and the MIS VP wants total user custom control through the SA
user_prefs.  Unfortunately these seem to be mutually exclusive goals
since sa-exim doesn't honor user_prefs the way it is currently coded.
What I'm looking for is a way to get the local_scan sa-exim to run
spamc with the -u flag and put the to: address as the user.

Any ideas short or rewriting sa-exim?
Benjamin Story
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