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Re: SA-Exim and User Preferences

Benjamin Story wrote:
> The problem is that the networking manager wants the SMTP rejection
> routines and the MIS VP wants total user custom control through the SA
> user_prefs.  Unfortunately these seem to be mutually exclusive goals
> since sa-exim doesn't honor user_prefs the way it is currently coded.
> What I'm looking for is a way to get the local_scan sa-exim to run
> spamc with the -u flag and put the to: address as the user.
> Any ideas short or rewriting sa-exim?

Point out to the networking manager that the whole message has to be 
delivered for SA to process it anyway, so there's no bandwidth benefit 
to using the SMTP rejection.  Honestly, I'm not sure that there's *any* 
benefit, aside from checking the sender against some blacklists and 
checking the FROM/TO for validity.  After the DATA's sent, the client's 
gonna send the headers and the rest of the message before it pays any 
attention to any server responses.

If the goal is to nofiy the sender that their message was marked as 
spam, then why don't you just use the router/spamc solution to get 
per-user configs, use procmail for local delivery, and set up a 
responder in the /etc/procmailrc that'll send a response if the 
X-Spam-Status header is Yes?


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