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Re: Want Linux newbie topics and notes from MLUG?

On Monday 30 August 2004 08:23, Erich Schroeder wrote:
> Hi, thanks for your offer!
>   I for one would be glad to have notification of new entries to your
> series of white papers, assuming that your licensing allows free use by a
> group such as ours (Linux Users of Central Illinois or LUCI) which has no

Yes. The only real restriction is that someone doesn't take the original, make 
a few modifications, and pass it off someone else's (or mine). The idea is I 
don't want a well-intentioned, but unknowledgeable, person to make 
modifications or changes and then people start saying, "That guy Hentzen, he 
doesn't know what he's talking about."

What a number of user groups have done is print out/distribute a whitepaper as 
reference notes for a presentation, sometimes together with supplementary 
material, or providing their own outline, and using this as one of the 
references. 'zat make sense?

I figure if I've done a lot of the heavy lifting, then someone else can easily 
jump in and make a presentation out of it.

> real structure or budget of any kind. I'll admit that I have only lightly
> read over the Creative Commons licensing perhaps a year ago.  Still, as
> one of the people who present in our own newbie meetings, I might want to
> make use of some of these papers for future meeting topics. Certainly, we
> should see if folks on this list agree before having you go ahead in post
> to the list.

Okey doke.

>   By the way, I'm a satisfied owner of the "OOoSwitch: 501 Things You
> Wanted to Know About Switching to Open Office.org" book published by
> Hentzenwerke. I didn't realize that you were based in Milwaukee.

Yup, lil' ol' us (well, 'me') up here... We just put out an OOo book on 
Macros, and have a third coming out in about 6 weeks.


Moving to Linux: Freedom, Choice, Security, Opportunity

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