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Re: Want Linux newbie topics and notes from MLUG?

Hi, thanks for your offer!
  I for one would be glad to have notification of new entries to your
series of white papers, assuming that your licensing allows free use by a
group such as ours (Linux Users of Central Illinois or LUCI) which has no
real structure or budget of any kind. I'll admit that I have only lightly
read over the Creative Commons licensing perhaps a year ago.  Still, as
one of the people who present in our own newbie meetings, I might want to
make use of some of these papers for future meeting topics. Certainly, we
should see if folks on this list agree before having you go ahead in post
to the list.

  By the way, I'm a satisfied owner of the "OOoSwitch: 501 Things You 
Wanted to Know About Switching to Open Office.org" book published by 
Hentzenwerke. I didn't realize that you were based in Milwaukee.


Erich Schroeder, PhD.              Phone: (217)785-0033
Curator, Information Technologies  FAX:   (217)785-2857
Illinois State Museum GIS Lab      email:erich(at)illinois.state.museum

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