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Want Linux newbie topics and notes from MLUG?

Hi folks,

Gonna try an experiment here.

I've been holding newbie sessions before the general meeting of the
Milwaukee LUG for about a year now. They've been a good way for me to learn
something about Linux administration (I'm a custom software developer and 
part-time book publisher by trade, so the admin part is all new to me) and 
have been my way of giving back to the community for all the questions I've 
asked over the years.

These newbie sessions have been pretty well received - they're not strictly
one-way presentations, but more of a guided discussion about a topic. That
way, even the very experienced members learn something once in a while.

After each newbie session, I incorporate the feedback I get from the
meeting and write up the session into a whitepaper. They're all written
with a Creative Commons (http://creativecommons.org/) License.

Over the past year, I've done newbie sessions on cron, choosing a partition
scheme, the top ten command window tips, how Linux starts up, and so on. I 
also do whitepapers on other topics where I've needed substantial help, and 
figure the best way to say 'thanks' is to write up the notes and make them 
available to those that follow.

There have been members of other user groups who have attended our meetings
at times, or who have stumbled across one of them online, and used these
topics and whitepapers as a source of sessions for their own meetings. It
dawned on me that maybe a more systematic dispersal of these would be
useful to other user groups.


I just finished writing up the whitepaper for our August meeting's newbie
session on ssh. It's available here:


My question to you is.... would your group be interested in having me post a 
note to the mailing list each time I make a presentation and/or write up a 
new whitepaper? Given that most groups are looking for help with 
presentations at one time or another, I'm guessing this would be of interest, 
but at the same time, it's only polite to ask, rather than just barge in and 
start blabbing all about.


Moving to Linux: Freedom, Choice, Security, Opportunity

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