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Re: Fedora 2 on PPC link

On Monday 30 August 2004 10:22 am, Erich Schroeder wrote:
> The yellowdog linux list recently included this link on getting fedora
> running on an ibook:
> http://www.bytebot.net/geekdocs/ibook/fedorappc.html
> I'm a little worried that my 1999 g3 powerbook (lombard) may be old enough
> to be dropped in support.
I don't know how much time you have, but downloading the src.rpms and running 
rpmbuild ---rebuild /usr/src/rpm/SRPMS/* is an option. I did it by hand (rpm 
-ivh /usr/src/rpm/SRPMS/* and then rpmbuild 
-bb /usr/src/rpm/SPECS/program.spec) from Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 and it wasn't 
much of a problem. I'll bet that it could be automated fairly easily, and 
there are only a few dumb spec files that assume too much. The only really 
glaring example I could think of was flac (but I'm using Rawhide and not a 
Core release) which wanted nasm (I told the people in #fedora-devel about it 
and someone said they sumbited a patch).

Anyway,  you can update your system rather completely like this. You could go 
as far as building gcc/libc first and then rebuilding the system with that to 
obtain a more realistic Fedora release. I'm going to continue doing this for 
the forseeable future until Fedora makes a real ppc release.

Btw, I haven't been updating my kernel to 2.6, and I don't really know if you 
want to go through the trouble of breaking a working system (well, outside of 
upgrading the packages). I can make my ppc.rpms available to you (they'd be 
rather slow, it might be more viable to give them to you on cd-r at a 
meeting) as they are not optimized for the g4 and should work. It's a rawhide 
snapshot from a few days ago.

Feel free to contact me some more about it as I don't leave for college for 
another month or so and don't have much to do.

Brandon Joseph Adams

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