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Re: "Home" Networking Question

On Fri, 11 Feb 2005 17:10:56 -0600, Casey Boone wrote:
> you didnt say exactly how you had it cabled
> here is what you need to do
> log into the wireless router unit and disable its dhcp server, also
> set up WPA/WEP encryption
> run a cable from one of the lan ports (not the internet/wan port,
> very important) of AP to the old router.
> this should be all you need to do, make sure that there is no cable
> hooked into the WAN/internet port on the wireless router.
> hope this helps
> Casey

Thank you Casey. It works perfectly now. I should know better than to 
work on things late at night when I'm tired.

I was using the WAN port and had not disabled DHCP. With fresh coffee 
and a good night's sleep it seems obvious but I was really over 
thinking it last night.

Springfield, IL

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