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Re: "Home" Networking Question

The new router is probably a firewall   You might be able to set up the laptop as a dmz to fix it.

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Subject: "Home" Networking Question

A few weeks ago I ended up with the use of a laptop that has wireless 
networking built in so of course I wanted to add a wireless router 
here at home so I can surf the net while I watch TV.

We have a wireless DSL connection here and I've been using a D-Link 
DI-808HV 8-port router w/VPN. Prior to the laptop there were a total 
of 6 machines (Linux, Win98, Win2000, and WinXP) here. All has worked 
well for a year or more now.

I got a small D-Link DI-524 Wireless router. Rather than it being 
connected to the wireless DSL it's connected to a port on the first 
router. It get's it's IP address, etc. from the DI-808HV.

In this configuration the laptop can get to the Internet, send and 
receive mail, etc. It cannot however see any of the other machines on 
the home network, share printers, or see the Samba server. If I 
connect the laptop directly to the main DI-808HV with a network cable 
it can see and access everything so I don't *think* it is a laptop 
configuration problem (I have been wrong before.)

Is there a way to configure the wireless router so that computers 
connected to it can see machines on the DI-808HV (the "main" 
router/gateway)? It would seem that some combination of netmask, port 
openings, etc. would make the "routing"/translation transparent so 
everything would be connected to the same internal network.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Springfield, IL

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