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Re: Averatec laptops

On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 20:43 -0600, Matt Sparks wrote:
> I've got one. The 12.1" 3150. It's a nice laptop for the price ($900 a year
> or two ago),

I've seen these at Sam's I believe with an Athlon XP2xxx+ for $800.

> The internal wireless card (at least in mine) is supported only by the
> linux-wlan project, which I don't like,

What?  You don't like Mark Matthews & co.?


[ Seriously now, is there anything you don't like in particular other
than no "out-of-the-distro" support? ]

Bryan J. Smith                   mailto:b.j.smith@ieee.org
Beware of those who define their preferences in terms of
hate of another option, than on the merits of their choice

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