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Google movie trix

Cool Google Movie Hacks

Google.com is full of amazing tricks (like the built-in calculator 

e.g. http://www.google.com/search?q=2.765+*+6.876

or Google Maps ( http://maps.google.com/ )) and now they've added a 

neat set of movie hacks. To use the Google "Movie" feature, type:

 Movie: 63026 (63026 is my zip code)

This is the resulting page, with local theater showtimes, reviews, 
and even a link to the movie on the Internet Movie Database http://imdb.com/

If you click on the reviews or stars it will bring you to a review page.
You can also type in "Movie: Lost in Translation" to see the reviews of the movie
title entered.

Enjoy. Mike.

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