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[OT] Hardware for sale

I have a few items for sale I would like to list:

toshiba magnia 3030r rack mount server:
     dual 800mhz pent 3
     1 gig ram
     6 9 gig scsi set up as raid 5+0
    2 nics
    I am running gentoo on this and its a great running machine
    I'd like $450 for this server. I am willing to deliver it for a fee.

I have several other pent 2 266 and 400 machines and 1 more pent 3 
server. These are all dual capable but only running single cpu right 
now. All guarenteed to be running. Most will have mandrake on them but 
am willling to wipe the disks or install (free) distro of your choice 
including gentoo. Prices range from $85 up to $200. If interested in any 
of these please send me an email.

Mike Choatie

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