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Well, I haven't posted anything for a while, so I figured I'd pass this 

Don't buy Maxtor drives.  I've bought about 25 over the last 2 years.  I can 
count on one hand the drives that have not been replaced, while it takes 2 
hands to count those that have been replaced twice.  My most recent drive 
was apparently "originally sold in Germany" or "manufactured (not sold, 
manufactured) during the 6 month period where they only had a 1-year 
warranty" - depending on which "helpful" rep you speak to.  Either way, 
that's just one more Maxtor that's being discarded rather than reinstalled, 
and is being replaced with a Seagate.

I promised myself that I'd cost them more in lost sales than the value of 
the drive that they refuse to replace.  Help me reach my goal by not buying 
Maxtor next time you're in the market for a hard drive.

BTW, if anyone wants a free pit bull that's ill behaved and barks a lot, my 
neighbor leaves his outside 24x7 and is typically gone during the day.  
It's not well tied up, since it ends up running free about once a week.

--Danny, also aggravated that he has to turn of write caching for Reiser to 
be stable on his new 3Ware RAID card :(

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