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Re: An Open Letter to Red Hat: Guidelines for Fedora Core

On Friday 25 March 2005 10:13 am, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> I have always loved Red Hat as a company, it's entire philosophy of the
> unique balance of business and source -- GPL to the anal power.  I just
> wish they wouldn't do away with the trusted revision release model of
> their "Community Linux" in Fedora _Core_ today.  I've always supported
> lots of distros, and I have never left Red Hat, but Novell-SuSE is
> making me reconsider the balance of "Community-Enterprise" _version_
> relationships, because Red Hat doesn't seem to care about that all-
> important mapping anymore.

I thought the whole thing about Fedora was to generate a new numbering 
scheme that didn't necessarily relate to the enterprise version, and to 
free RedHat from having to officially support a "community" product?  The 
version numbering was supposed to stabilize once Fedora developed to the 
point where it could stand on its own.  Then again, I never thought Redhat 
had any real scheme to its numbering system, but just semi-randomly 
incremented the version number to go along with the other distro's 
semi-random version jumping - so what do I know? :)

--Danny, who'd heartily back a switch to good ol' reliable SuSE (though I'm 
digging Gentoo for the time being, in spite of some of the more fanatical 

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