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[Mega-OT] Coming back to St. Louis ... looking for somewhere torent ...

Sorry for the Mega-OT here, but I'm coming back to St. Louis, hopefully
permanently.  It's not anything related to what I have been doing for
the last few years (financial networks/systems), but rather out-of-the-
blue, I'm going back to defense (I worked in missile defense and at NASA
in the '90s).

My prior landlord doesn't have vacancy until June, so if anyone has any
rooms to rent or a rental property, please let me know.  As you probably
have guessed, my new employer is near the airport, so nice areas in the
North, Northwest (St. Charles) or maybe even across the river (Alton)
are all considerable (or even more down-town/townhouses, which I was in

Thanks in advance and sorry for the mega-OT.

Bryan J. Smith                                  b.j.smith@ieee.org 
Community software is all about choice, choice of technology.
Unfortunately, too many Linux advocates port over the so-called
"choice" from the commercial software world, brand name marketing.
The result is false assumptions, failure to focus on the real
technical similarities, but loyalty to blind vendor alignments.

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