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On Sun, 2005-11-20 at 11:29 -0600, Herbie wrote:
> It really does all depend on what you're willing to endure then it seems. 
> Perhaps it's some kind of indoctrinating at some point in your life in 
> this country, but my motto has always been 'work to live', not 'live to 
> work'. I come from the country with the highest rate of unemployment in 
> the EU, and even so I would never let a company treat me the way you have 
> let this one treat you.

It's not the first time.  But it's the first time I've been rubbed so
"abrasively" on non-sense like arrival, holiday, vacation, etc...

Although I've worked in IT, I'm an engineer.  I've worked in missile
defense, semiconductor design and, now, 4G wireless.  When you are on
the leading edge of invention, it goes with the territory.

I've been largely IT consulting for 3+ years, and because of that, I've
largely been paid the hours I've worked.  That's why I did it, because
most clients kept the hours down under 50 for the most part.  But
there's virtually little available like that in the SE US.

> I worked as a contractor for GE, and then was taken on full time, I had to 
> endure the occasional bit of mandatory overtime, but never more than 10 
> hours a week, never for more than a month or so and I ALWAYS got paid for 
> it, no-one has the right to expect you to work without pay.

Not true!  If you are an "EXEMPT" employee in the US, they don't have to
pay you but your salary.  That's reality.

As far as contracts, I'm more concerned with IP, non-competes, etc...
than anything else.  I keep those out of my contract so I can freely
leave without issue.

Again, my "bitch" wasn't about the hours.  It was the "nickle'n diming"
on other things, which were like slapping me in the face while I put in
the hours I do.

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