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Bryan J. Smith wrote ..
> I _did_ have a problem with the "arrive by 8:30am" non-sense my first 2
> months.

The way to deal with that is to tell whomever is starting up that kind of
nonsense that they better start being responsible for ensuring that _everyone_

Also feel free to point out that if an employee that is being paid to perform
some function has enough free time to spend watching when people arrive,
then they are obviously underutilized (don't have enough work to do) or 
in a redundant position (someone else is doing actual work for the position).
In either case, the company doesn't get any bottom line benefit from employees
who play clockwatcher police.

If HR feels that being prompt to work at a specific time is a reasonable part of the job description,
then having an expectation that your work promptly ENDS at a specific time is JUST AS REASONABLE.

> I was hoping it wouldn't come to that point because it seems like I'm
> just bitching.

No more than Rosa Parks "bitching" about having to get up and move to the back of the bus.

No more than the Bostonians "bitching" about paying taxes to the crown on tea.

No more than Nelson Mandela "bitching" about the conditions of black South Africans.

No more than Martin Luther King "bitching" about some dream.

No more than any oppressed people "bitching" about their oppression.

The only people who view it "bitching" are those who have something to lose if it were 
dealt with constructively, but can only resort to name-calling in order to avoid doing so.

> As I said, I'm waiting to see what comes of this.

Well, we hope for the best.
> BTW, I was _not_ asking for sympathy.  I was just curious if anyone has
> ever seen a salaried position where you were not given off Christmas or
> New Year's when it fell on a weekend?

Nope. Usually doing so would violate contractual and employment laws.

Take a closer read of that big poster that HR has to publish somewhere
about US Wage Laws. If you can get it in writing (or a memo) that
the company is refusing to honor its committment to a _previously published_
holiday schedule (i.e. one that showed Xmas or New Years), then I'm pretty
sure that the state and/or federal Department of Labor would be interested
in hearing from you.

And there may be whistleblower laws that protect you from retaliation.
Although that didn't help Valerie Plame very much. So don't count on it.
At least your conscience will be clean.


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