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Job searching?

So, I'm getting a little sick of driving 3 hours/day to a job that's
paid hourly and has no benefits (*man* insurance is expensive).  I
like the job, but I'd like to have my life back, and this contract's
up in a few months anyway.  Therefore, I'm looking for another job.
I've been using indeed.com, as it seems to be a pretty good "meta
search" site (it gets Monster and Dice, as well as a bunch of smaller
sites), but I'm just not finding much.  Somehow I think that has to do
with it being the end of the year, but on the off chance that I'm
missing something, I thought I'd see if anyone else had better
suggestions for me.  Suggestions that would lean in the direction of a
real, full-time job, as opposed to more of this contract junk, that

I suppose I should find a way to learn more about AIX and/or HPUX,
that'd open things up a little.  Too bad their certs (and courses) are
so darned expensive.

Anyway, I'd welcome thoughts (and job offers ;)), and surely *someone*
else would too. :)


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