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'An Introduction to Linux Basics' course starts soon

Maybe someone will find this useful - There is a "Free Linux Course for 
Beginners" on-line course starting 11-8-2007. Sign-up is required.

I don't have any personal experience with this course. The site is based 
in Germany, but the writing is in good English. The course has been 
offered several times before. It appears to expect that you have Linux 
installed, or at least be using a live distribution. The study guide is 
released under the GNU Free Documentation License, and was updated this 
past July.

The site says "This course is designed to give a foundation of 
understanding of Linux to a beginner who wants to know a little more 
about the system. More advanced Linux users will find an opportunity to 
dig deeper into some areas they always wanted to know more about or 
discover gaps in their knowledge that they didnít know existed."

Follow the link below for more information.

Good luck,

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