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Postfix Configuration

I hope you are all doing well!  Happy Thanksgiving.  It's been a while
since I've been to the luci site.  I thought I would run something by you.

I bought one of the virtual servers at vpslink.com.  I'm very happy with
it, and right now am running Link (package) 2 with 5 Gigs hdd space, and
128 Megs of RAM.  Accessing the server through Secure shell.  The server
is an a LAMP configuration.

I'm really trying to stay completely non-proprietary with this server, so
am setting up everything manually without licensed software such as
cpanel.  It's mostly a learning experience for me.

Apache is up and running perfectly, and so are the virtual hosts.  I'm
going to host several websites on this machine.

The problem I'm running into is in the postfix configuration for the
virtual hosts.

I know I can get postfix to run with squirrelmail because it's on the
local machine, and I'm only using squirrelmail for the local host account.

I'm trying to take this issue one step at a time, so the first thing I
would like to do is to get postfix to receive mail from
ricky@ethernetgateway.com, and map the mail to the rbryce account on the
virtual machine.  I'm wanting to use separate mailboxes with system
accounts, so I think Aliasing is the way to do this.

Consider a default LAMP configuration with sendmail erased and postfix and
dovecot installed.  Also, please consider, this is the first time I've
tried to configure postfix.  I do have Webmin installed also, and SSL

If I go to main.cf in /etc/postfix/,

alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases is uncommented

rbryce is an existing UNIX system user (created by adduser)

In /etc/aliases (at the very bottom of the file rbryce:
ricky@ethernetgateway.com exists

I've used the command postconf -e "virtual_alias_domains =


postconf -e "virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual"

To create a map database, I've typed

postfix /etc/postfix/virtual

(restarted postfix)

When I go to yahoo, and send a message to my ricky@ethernetgateway.com
address, I am not getting a bounce.

When I su to rbryce on the server, and type "mail" I get "no mail for
rbryce" when I would have expected to receive a message.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it... 
Or even recommend a good web document, it would be appreciated.  Maybe I
have some conceptual errors as to how to configure the mail.  Once I get
postfix running right, I'll be happy with this server.  (I'm happy

Take care!

Ricky Bryce

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