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web site update

In case any of you actually look at the web site anymore, you might
notice that I changed the default feed for the second news box on the
main page.  It used to be Freshmeat, which is still a fine web site, but
the news feed was filled with stuff nobody cares about, and it was just

So, I thought about it a bit, and I decided to change the default to the
feed for Phoronix.  It's probably the only Linux-related site I actually
watch on a daily basis.  I think you'll all like it too.  If not, it's
easy to change.  :-)

Also, in an attempt to recoup a tiny bit of the ongoing costs of our
Internet connectivity, I've added Google AdSense ads to the very bottom
of the page template for www.luci.org.  I hope this doesn't offend
anyone, and, in fact, I hope once the ads start being interesting, some
of you will click through them.  Eventually the pennies might add up.  :-)

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