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Re: "Vacation" command for postfix

Samir Faci wrote:
> Look at http://webmin.com/  as well, it's overkill for what you're
> doing but it does have a module that handles postfix.

Webmin suggestion seconded.  I've used Webmin for quite a few years;
some things are just nicer to do through a web interface (and some are
not).  Updating DNS records - whose serial number I forget to increment
about 1/3 of the time - is one of them thats easier.  The postfix module
is very good, and one that has really good help.

Webmin has a more user-oriented cousin called Usermin which has several
neat user self-management tools, including a procmail control...

BTW, custom modules for both are pretty easy to write, the API's well
documented, etc.  It'd be a good opportunity to dust off the perl
skillz... ;)


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