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Re: pine.deb?

Mark Blunier wrote:
> > There was a large contingent of people on debian-devel whose answer to
> > this problem was "use mutt".  Evidently, this isn't feasible to some
> > groups.
> Rumor has it, that converting to mutt is difficult in that mutt and
> pine have very dissimilar commands.  They say that once converted,
> mutt is great, but it takes a while to unlearn the pine commands
> and learn the mutt commands.  I tried to switch, but it wasn't
> obvious how to get things set up the way I liked, and gave up.
> If someone uses mutt, this would be a good demo subject for the
> meeting.

I'd like to see a little tutorial on the "client I've been meaning to
switch over to for a while" too.  I've been installing it on my systems
for about 2 years, because I'm sure I'll "eventually" learn it...

--Danny, who uses remote shells frequently

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