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Connecting Linux workstation in NT environment

I am a complete newbie. I have recently installed REDHAT 6.1 on my
workstation. When I did the install I chose obtain address for DHCP
server. This is an NT server. I was unable to get connected to the
server. Next, I went in and manually configured through the network
configuration. I configured the Ethernet interface with an open ip from
the address pool. I configured the routing to map through our router ip
and I configured the hostname as joeb the name of my computer and domain
as our nt domain. I am obviously doing something wrong. Additionally I
need to route this connection through MS proxy server. I remember seeing
something in GENOME where I could enter this info. Does anyone know
where? I'm just not sure what. Are there any how-to's concerning this
topic? Does anyone have any experience with this?

Joe Bonansinga
Technical Consultant
King Technology
(217) 529-6700

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