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Re: Connecting Linux workstation in NT environment

Joe Bonansinga wrote:
> I am a complete newbie. I have recently installed REDHAT 6.1 on my
> workstation. When I did the install I chose obtain address for DHCP
> server. This is an NT server. I was unable to get connected to the
> server. Next, I went in and manually configured through the network
> configuration. I configured the Ethernet interface with an open ip from
> the address pool. I configured the routing to map through our router ip
> and I configured the hostname as joeb the name of my computer and domain
> as our nt domain.

One thing to look at - the "nt domain" is quite likely not the same as your
internet domain.  The nt domain is like a netbios workroup...  That's
probably not your problem, though.

> I am obviously doing something wrong. Additionally I
> need to route this connection through MS proxy server. I remember seeing
> something in GENOME where I could enter this info. Does anyone know
> where? I'm just not sure what.

Normally the www proxy is set in the HTTP_PROXY environment variable, the
file that sets global variables depends on which shell you're using
(/etc/profile for bash).  For example 
	export HTTP_PROXY="http://squid.cloudmaster.com:3128/"
is in mine somewhere...  There's a similar variable for ftp.

> Are there any how-to's concerning this
> topic? Does anyone have any experience with this?

If you check out the linux documentation project, you'll likely find the
network howto, and maybe some of the others helpful.
Officially at http://www.linuxdoc.org/
Check http://www.linuxdoc.org/mirrors.html for a closer, possibly faster
mirror (mine's probably only one of the 2 :)).


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