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Re: Linux Demo Day

Hey I could bring parts and pieces enough to build a machine from 
scratch...  An minitower ATX case, a  never opened motherboard (a FIC 
PAG2130 Super Socket 7), I've got a couple of AMD processors laying around 
somewhere, a couple of hard drives (don't know how big, gotta dig em outta 
cubby holes), a StarFighter 3D card (16M), not much for RAM (I use what I 
can get... I think I've got at least 64M), even an internal Zip drive, a 
17" Compaq monitor...  I think I've got enough for a whole machine.  I 
could bring it all (would we need NIC's?),  but my distros are getting 
dated, My FreeBSD is from March last year, I've got a Slackware somewhere, 
My Debian got stepped on by one of my kids when he was playing MUD, during 
a moment of passion (argghh, I wish he would keep his passions off of my 
machines...YUCK!).  I do have a Red Hat 6.1 I just burned from a friend who 
spent a lot of time downloading the ISO.

How early we gonna get started, who's supplying the tables (BB?)...

Later,  Laszlo

At 04:31 PM 2/11/2000 -0600, you wrote:

>Next Saturday (not this) Feb 19th, we are scheduled for a Demo Day again
>at Best Buy. To set the time, I need to know how many people plan to help,
>who has possible machine demos, and what times you and/or your machines
>are available.
>This demo day will be much simpler and shorter than last.
>Who has or will be willing to do the following?
>a) generic luci business cards
>b) flyers, general linux info
>c) newbie night flyers
>d) perl mongers flyers
>e) that dvd issue flyers - jason.
>f) ibm pc running linux
>g) laptop running linux, etc - kara
>h) mac running linux
>i) machine to sign people up for mailing list again: jeff?
>I'd like to have one redhat, one suse, and maybe even another box to do
>random installs of other distros. My laptop covers redhat, as does either
>steven or I's machines.
>other ideas? Let's keep ourselves to 2 tables or less this time :)
>- Kara
>Kara Pritchard                          Phone: 217-698-1694
>Red Hat Certified Engineer
>Linux Users of Central Illinois         kara@luci.org
>LUG Project Manager - Linux.com         kara@linux.com
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