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Re: Linux Demo Day

On Fri, Feb 11, 2000 at 04:31:30PM -0600, Kara Pritchard wrote:

> Next Saturday (not this) Feb 19th, we are scheduled for a Demo Day again
> at Best Buy. To set the time, I need to know how many people plan to help,
> who has possible machine demos, and what times you and/or your machines
> are available.

I can bring my laptop, and possibly my dual if necessary.

> Who has or will be willing to do the following?
> a) generic luci business cards
> b) flyers, general linux info
> c) newbie night flyers
> d) perl mongers flyers
> e) that dvd issue flyers - jason.
> f) ibm pc running linux
> g) laptop running linux, etc - kara
> h) mac running linux
> i) machine to sign people up for mailing list again: jeff?

I can do this again.  

> I'd like to have one redhat, one suse, and maybe even another box to do
> random installs of other distros. My laptop covers redhat, as does either
> steven or I's machines.

My laptop and/or dual could cover Debian.

If we have a VMWare-equipped box, could we do sample installs on it?

> other ideas? Let's keep ourselves to 2 tables or less this time :)

Here's an idea.  My mom is coming into town for the weekend, and I may
convince her to come.  I just set her up on the Internet with a Debian 
box I built from a cast-off Acer.  So, when people ask "yeah, but can
my mom run Linux?", we have an answer. :-)

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