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migraines, e-commerce, and inventory tracking

the company i work for has decided that they want to track all of the
inventory that comes in and goes out of our production facilities, they then
want to integrate that information with a system to track all of our human
resources info (insurance, personell records, etc), then they want to tie it
all together into the accounting software (OSAS, uses flat file for record
storage), i have been trying to piece together how i am going to make this
all work, anybody out there work somewhere that they have a inventory
tracking that is tied into the websight and runs on linux, or a human
resources system, or both, i've looked into peoplesoft but they are 10 grand
a module i believe, the way i think it could be done (i'll be it lots of
time and energy) is with a database, application server and bar coding
system, am i missing something or is this really all (besides massive
design) that it would take software wise, any information would be great, i
really don't want to see them implement anouther buggy piece of software
that runs on MS that i have to deal with

Bob T. Kat

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