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Debian install w/o CD over wireless

So, I'm looking for a decent distrib for my firewall.  I don't have a
floppy drive or second NIC in my network-connected PC (so there's no
connection sharing going on there).

What I do have, however, is an ISP that runs linux and provides 802.11
wireless to Lincoln (yay), a linux box with a floppy and 512MB drive
(mmm, router), and a PCI PCMCIA adaptor loaded up with an 802.11 card.
Unfortunately, slackware on that machine didn't install all of the nifty
PCMCIA stuff I need to make this card work, so I've gotta download
*something* to get it online.

I hear crazy Debian people all the time saying "all you need is a floppy
and an internet connection; install the base from some floppies and have
it pull the rest of the stuff over the 'net!"  Well, I guess it's about
time I try Debian, but where in the heck do I find out how to install over
my happy wireless link?  Is that possible?  I'll cobble together something
else eventually, but I'd like to take this time to try the Debian way,
since I won't be encouraged to do so later on and that's the only remaining
package format I've not tried (the lrp doesn't count as "trying Debian").

Danny - at www.debian.org now, but not finding anything yet
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