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[LUNI] ANN: Richard Stallman, Oct 31, The Free Software Movement &GNU/Linux (fwd)

Looks like RMS is coming to Chicago, if you're interested.


To: "Linux Users Of Northern Illinois (Announce)" <luni-announce@luni.org>
Subject: [LUNI] ANN: Richard Stallman, Oct 31,
     The Free Software Movement & GNU/Linux

>           Wednesday, October 31 4:30 PM
>                 Max Palevsky Theater
>       The University of Chicago, Ida Noyes Hall
>        1212 East 59th Street in Hyde Park
>Richard Stallman, will speak about the purpose, goals, philosophy,
>methods, status, and future prospects of the GNU operating system,
>which in combination with the Linux kernel is now used by an
>estimated 17 to 20 million users world wide.
>Sponsored by The University of Chicago Computer Science Department,
>the Computation Institute, the Franke Institute for the Humanities,
>and the Student ACM Chapter.
>Richard Stallman graduated from Harvard in 1974 with a BA in physics.
>During his college years, he also worked as a staff hacker at the MIT
>Artificial Intelligence Lab. In January 1984 he resigned from MIT to
>start the GNU Project, an endeavor to develop a free operating system.
>Mr. Stallman is also the principal author of the GNU C Compiler (GCC)
>a compiler which now supports over 30 different architectures and 7
>programming languages. Stallman also wrote the GNU symbolic debugger
>(GDB), GNU Emacs, and various other GNU programs.
>See http://masters.cs.uchicago.edu/forum/

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