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Well, my employer recently sent out an email to everyone noting that our
biggest client isn't paying us, and suggests that we consider looking for
other sources of employment.  Given that I'm the only sysadmin here, I'm
probably not first on the chopping block, but given that the systems pretty
much support themselves since I've cleaned them up and that I don't directly
produce revenue, I'm not super confident either.  I knew that documentation
was a bad thing for me to create. :)

So, any of you know anybody in the "drivable from Lincoln" area that's
looking for a liunx/windows/mac sysadmin-type, or php/perl/html/javascript/
mysql web developer?  Both?  The ideal job would have a lax dress code...

I'd appreciate any leads given.  I won't jump ship immediately, but I've
got an engagement ring to buy and christmas coming up, so I'm not looking
forward to losing income, either...  I'm at danny-at-dannysauer-dot-com more
often that cloudmaster@cloudmaster.com, BTW.

--Danny, without the witty comment...
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