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Re: Apt for RPM question, blocking certain rpms

> Since you have experience, how do you think you'd want to see the UI?

1. Pin Priorities abstracted or retold so you don't need a PHD in partial 
   differential set calculus to figure out. You're smart, I'm smart. It
   shouldn't have been that hard to explain - and still not be sure what 
   was explained. I don't think it's that complicated. But it is, somehow.

2. Selecting repositories, vendors, or origin pretty easily - dropdowns?
   It sucks having to use some weird apt-<mumble> command to dump your 
   repository contents and grep for all of the different origins, sort and 
   uniq them.

3. Selecting packages. Probably could be done similar to (or adjunct with) 
   Synaptic. i.e. while you're picking packages to install, you can select them 
   for pinning in your preferences file. There's plenty of icons for this action
   in a GUI. And the search/locate task in a tool like Synaptic is pretty well
   done. But if you're installing, you're probably able to decide if you want 
   to pin that specific package or not. A separate tool to install packages
   and then repeat the same task in a different tool to pin that package will 

How's that? Now where's those round tuits....



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