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Large files on iso

So, now that one can finally buy dual-layer DVD+R media for a reasonable
price, I figured I'd try out that capability of the burner I bought last
year. :)  I have a VMWare disk image that's about 7GB, and I'd like to
back it up to a DVD.

Well, apparently one can only create files up to 4GB in size on a
standard DVD.  The Wikipedia article suggests that it's possible to
create fragmented files on an ISO9660 file system and that Windows XP
supports that.  So, I'd assume that something on Linux does too?  It's
too big for zisofs to compress it within range, unfortunately.  What
about UDF or some other file system?  I guess I could just install Nero
on the laptop[1], since that machine also has a capable burner, but I'm
still not sure that it will work any better there.

On a related note, any thoughts on why my NEC burner would detect 8X on
8X media just fine, but then think it can only do 2.4X on 16X media from
the same manufacturer (Fujifilm)?  The burner is 16x capable...

This is all on Ubuntu "Edgy", so it's pretty current software, but
probably not bleeding edge.  Well, back to Google.  If I happen to
figure out what's going on, I'll post back.


[1] Yeah, I have one Windows laptop now - battery life is 10 hours with
Windows v/s ~2 with (untuned) Linux, and really, the wife and I just run
Firefox and the tuning software for my car on the laptop anyway.  The
tuning software bit-bangs the serial port, which doesn't work right
under Wine or VMWare (it's not the speed of the machine - 2.1GHz dual-core
w/ 2GB RAM should bloody well be able to handle 8.2Kbps serial even with
some software emulation overhead), so it's really easier to just keep
Windows natively on there and deal with its problems.  For now. ;)

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