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Re: Large files on iso

luci-discuss wrote regarding 'Large files on iso' on Mon, Jan 08 at 13:46:
> On a related note, any thoughts on why my NEC burner would detect 8X on
> 8X media just fine, but then think it can only do 2.4X on 16X media from
> the same manufacturer (Fujifilm)?  The burner is 16x capable...

Well, this was due to firmware.  I pulled down a new "Liggy and Dee"
modified firmware and a Linux flash utility (binflash).  The burner
works much better now, and I can back up my DVDs quite a bit faster. :)

Still no "how to get a 7.7GB file off of the computer" results, though.

--Danny, somewhat surprised at how easy it is to flash the firmware of
several drives under Linux now

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