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Re: Large files on iso

I wrote regarding 'Large files on iso' on Mon, Jan 08 at 13:46:
> I have a VMWare disk image that's about 7GB, and I'd like to
> back it up to a DVD.
> What about UDF or some other file system?

Well, just to enumerate what doesn't work, trying to use Ubuntu's
pakcage of packet-writing UDF software on a DVD+R DL doesn't seem to
work for me.  Also on the "doesn't work" front, when I make an 8GB file,
mkudffs on the file, and mount it via loopback, I can't copy the large
file to the mounted filesystem.  I get "File size limit exceeded (core
dumped)" when it gets to the big one.  It's not a failure of gnu cp,
because I can copy to another reiserfs filesystem just fine.  I get the
same failure whether I tell mkudffs that the image is a dvd or hard

I've gotta think I'm doing something wrong with the UDF thing.

Does anyone know of any tools that will transparently glue together
split files?  I guess I could probably just use dd to slice it up, and
include a shell script to splice the file back together if I wanted to
restore.  I really want to be able to fire up vmware in a non-persistant
mode directly from the backup image stored on the DVD, though.

Anyway, just doing my part to kep the moderator busy. :)


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