Saturday April 20, 2024

Linux Users of Central Illinois

The Linux Users Group of Springfield, Illinois and the surrounding area.

Some other users groups in the area:
Chicagoland Linux Users Group

Southern Illinois Linux Users Group
Springfield Perl Mongers
St. Louis Linux Users Group

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Meeting Info:

Meetings of the Linux Users of Central Illinois are the 4th Tuesday of every month from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Springfield MakerSpace in Springfield, IL. (The Springfield MakerSpace is located at 1227 S. Pasfield Street. Follow the link for a map and driving directions.)

(The April 23, 2024 meeting has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict.)

The next LUCI meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 28, 2024.

In addition to the regular meeting, there is also a special Newbie Night, intended for new Linux users, on the second Tuesday of every month at the same time and location as the regular meetings.

The next Newbie Night is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14, 2024.

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* GNOME Working To Make Key Rack A Viable Password Manager, Better Printing For Flatpaks
* Linux BHI Mitigation Being Tweaked Following 12% Database Performance Hit
* Open-Source "Terakan" Vulkan Driver For Radeon HD 6000 Series Shown On Windows
* AMD Sends In More Kernel Graphics Driver Updates For Linux 6.10
* KDE Developers Work Through More Bug Fixes & Features For Plasma 6.1
* Wine 9.7 Works On Build System For ARM64X, Other ARM Improvements
* Mozilla Finally Begins Offering Firefox ARM64 Linux Binaries
* Git 2.45 Begins Landing Code For SHA1 & SHA256 Interoperability For Repositories
* Godot's Vulkan Backend Seeing Better Performance, 10~20% Reduction In Frame Times
* Miracle-WM 0.2 Released For Mir-Based Wayland Compositor
* Linux 6.10 Preps A Kernel Panic Screen - Sort Of A "Blue Screen of Death"
* Intel Compute Runtime 24.13.29138.7 Brings Improved OpenCL/OpenGL Sharing
* Tow-Boot 2023.07 U-Boot Distribution Released With New Board Support
* Rockchip NPU Open-Source Driver Taking Shape, Will Aim For Upstream Accel Driver
* Intel oneVPL GPU Runtime 2024Q1 Brings VP9 Fix & AV1 Refinements
* Fedora Linux 40 Cleared For Release Next Week
* Rust-Written LAVD Kernel Scheduler Shows Promising Results For Linux Gaming
* Ubuntu 24.04 Boosts Performance, Outperforming Windows 11 On The AMD Ryzen Framework 16 Laptop
* openSUSE Factory Achieves Bit-By-Bit Reproducible Builds
* Intel Preps Adaptive Sync SDP, Lunar Lake Display & More DG2 PCI IDs In Linux 6.10
* Autodafe 0.2 Released For Freeing Your Project From Autotools
* GTK4 Continues Improving Graphics Offload & DMA-BUF Integration
* Rocky Linux To Support Upstream Stable Kernels
* System76's COSMIC Working On Drag & Drop, More Compositor Improvements
* MPV 0.38 Media Player Released With New Options & Fixes
* Wayland Protocols 1.35 Introduces Alpha Modifier Protocol, Tablet-V2 As Stable
* LXQt 2.0 Released For Qt6 Desktop Port, Greater Wayland Support
* Former Nouveau Lead Developer Joins NVIDIA, Continues Working On Open-Source Driver
* RPM 4.20 Approved For Fedora 41 To Advance Hands-Free Packaging
* Linux 6.10 To Add Script For Building ARM64 Flat Image Trees
* GNOME Mutter Lands NVIDIA Hybrid GPU Copy Acceleration
* AMD Announces Ryzen PRO 8840 & PRO 8000G Series CPUs

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