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 I'm trying to get MRTG up and running and I am running into a problem or
two, and would appreciate any assistance anyone could provide.

 I'm running Red Hat 5.2 with Apache 1.3.3-1. Here's what's going on...

 I've made it all the way through the installation, and am trying to view
the results of the page that was created when I parsed the mrtg.cfg file.

 I'm less than thrilled when I go to the URL where this page is supposed
to be coming up, and receive the infamous 403 Forbidden error. To
try to correct this, I've chmoded all of the directories in question (both
to the HTML files and to the MRTG executable itself) to 755. Still, no go.

 If I try to go directly to the HTML file itself in my browser 
(www.domain.com/index.htm), I get an Error 500 -- Internal Server Error 
with the details:

Premature end of script headers: .../.../httpd/index.htm

 I have added ScriptAlias lines to both the httpd.conf and srm.conf files.
I don't think this is a problem with the ScriptAlias though, since I am
obviously finding the files and directories in question, I am either
Forbidden from viewing them or encountering a premature end of script

 Any ideas?

Adam Van Pelt

Motion Internet                                 Adam Van Pelt
A Division of CyberCity Communications, Inc.    Technical Support
219 N. Main St.                                 Phone: (217) 483-7900
Chatham, IL 62629                               http://www.motion.net

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