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Re: Caldera Problem

Burke, Jason said:
> How do you fix this if you aren't using Kppp? Is there a chat parameter
> that stops this from happening? Or something else?

It shouldn't happen if you aren't using kppp.  If it does, then something
isn't configured right...  Maybe you could just alias the name of your
machine to localhost in /etc/hosts.  Also you could just slap a
network card in your machine (or ifconfig a dummy interface) and
assign your hostname to that...

I can't recall ever having this problem, but I've always used a "real"
name that resolved to some fixed address in /etc/hosts since I've run
X.  (I got an ethernet card right about the time I finally got enough
RAM to run X.)

Just always remember one thing...  X is network-based.  When you screw
with your network settings, X can easily get confused.

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