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Re: Vote for meeting cancellation

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, cloudmaster wrote:
> I probably won't be there whether there's a meeting or not, unless I find
> someone else to drive me around, or sell me a car that gets better mileage
> than my caprice while still being able to outrun all but the fastest
> american cars for a price that I can afford without requiring me to drop
> out of school to get a real job. :)

The price of gas is cheap compared to what you'd lose on a trade.
The price of gas is cheap in relation to the total cost of driving
when considering depreciation, maintenance, insurance, screw job
by the state for license plates, and speeding tickets.
Besides, after driving a real transportation, its hard to accept
the front wheel drive POS that they call car these days.  On the other
hand, if I had a baby car, I wouldn't have gotten that speeding ticket
for 113 mph on the way home from the meeting.  I just consider myself
lucky I was clocked after I slowed down from 147.

I will go to the meeting if we have one, but since I don't go home
after work, I'd need to know if we are having one by Monday afternoon.

Mark Blunier
95 Caprice Classic
95 BBB Impala SS
87 Caprice Classic.

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