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Old cars

> for 113 mph on the way home from the meeting.  I just consider myself
> lucky I was clocked after I slowed down from 147.

Yeah - I had this old clunker Cutlas Cierra that you had to virtually
floor to get to highway speeds. So then I got a new car last fall, and
here I am, used to flooring it without looking at the speedometer, and I
*wasn't* even flooring it, and I got clocked going 91.

But what sucked was that I looked down and saw I was going 95, so I
let off the gas. That means that I was probably "zapped" as I was

Police suck.

Like someone told me, unmarked cars on the highway have no purpose other
than to raise revenue. If the police truly wanted people to slow down,
they'd use MARKED cars. And maybe those things like they have on Chicago
highways, where it says "Speed limit is 55", and then an electronic
readout says how fast you're really going.

And then, when you pay your ticket, does it go towards schools or the poor
or healthcare or even the highways? Nooooo... it goes towards buying even
MORE unmarked cars.

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