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Kinda Re: Vote for meeting cancellation

"Mark W. Blunier" wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, cloudmaster wrote:
> >
> > I probably won't be there whether there's a meeting or not, unless I find
> > someone else to drive me around, or sell me a car that gets better mileage
> > than my caprice while still being able to outrun all but the fastest
> > american cars for a price that I can afford without requiring me to drop
> > out of school to get a real job. :)
> The price of gas is cheap compared to what you'd lose on a trade.

Well, since I only gave $300 for it... :)

> The price of gas is cheap in relation to the total cost of driving
> when considering depreciation, maintenance, insurance, screw job
> by the state for license plates, and speeding tickets.
> Besides, after driving a real transportation, its hard to accept
> the front wheel drive POS that they call car these days.  On the other
> hand, if I had a baby car, I wouldn't have gotten that speeding ticket
> for 113 mph on the way home from the meeting.  I just consider myself
> lucky I was clocked after I slowed down from 147.

No matter how much the ticket is, you're always glad they didn't see how
fast you were going a few seconds earlier... :)

--Danny, who, on the way home from the last meeting, found out that WS6
Firebirds have a slightly higher top speed than his caprice (but they don't
get there as fast or run linux) and thus needs a WU6.

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