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Re: nt dialin to Linux w/ callback

Jeff Licquia wrote:
> Here's what I do, and it works well for me:
>  - Run your X session under VNC on the remote machine.
>     vncserver :1
>  - Start a ssh session between the two boxes, with compression turned
> on, and set to forward a local port to port 5900 + <display number of
> the VNC session>.  For best results, make the local port as close to
> 5900 as you can (but not lower).
>     ssh -L 5902:localhost:5901 -C -l user remote.box.name
>  - Now start the VNC client on the local machine, using the "hextile"
> encoding method in "bgr233" mode (which limits color depth).  Have it
> connect to a local session at <port number of the forwarded session -
> 5900>.
>     xvncviewer -encodings hextile -bgr233 localhost:2
> Once your password is entered, your X session will open in its own
> window.
> This does require you to have Linux on both ends.  The part that is
> missing for NT is the ssh forwarding.  You actually can use an
> intermediate Linux box to handle the ssh forwarding on the remote
> side, and connect to an NT/9x remote machine using ssh compression,
> but you can't use NT on the local end without ssh forwarding.
> (Shucks. :-)
> Performance is a little slow, but not too bad.  The bgr233 mode limits
> color depth to 8, so your color rendering is going to suck.

Why not just run "vncserver -depth 8 :1" instead of specifying -bgr233?
Is there a performance advantage I wasn't aware of?  It might also help
performance to stick a "-geometry 800x600" in there too, rather than
using the default 1024x768.

--Danny, still waiting for his darned pizza to show up...

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