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Re: nt dialin to Linux w/ callback

On Tue, Feb 15, 2000 at 09:07:42PM -0600, cloudmaster wrote:
> Jeff Licquia wrote:
> > Performance is a little slow, but not too bad.  The bgr233 mode limits
> > color depth to 8, so your color rendering is going to suck.
> Why not just run "vncserver -depth 8 :1" instead of specifying -bgr233?
> Is there a performance advantage I wasn't aware of?  It might also help
> performance to stick a "-geometry 800x600" in there too, rather than
> using the default 1024x768.

It's been my experience that it doesn't work reliably.  I've specified
the color depth before and had it come up in 16-bit color; needless to 
say, that really sucks bandwidth.

The bgr233 mode does some other things too, like half-way decent

The same is true with the geometry line.  On Linux, this isn't such a
problem, since you can specify a geometry on the vncserver command
line and get what you want that way.  For 9x/NT, however, you're
pretty much stuck with whatever your screen is set at.

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