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Laptops and X

I recently installed RedHat 6.2 on my Dell 7500 laptop. Everything went
pretty well.  I have a few things to mop up. My video card is a ATI RAGE
Mobility -P 3D with 4mg of memory. Everything seems to work fine from the
stock X-server. Although it reads my video card as having 8mb of memory.
After reading a few laptop how to's(
http://www.coralys.com/linux/dell7500.shtml ), I decided to experiment and
add framebuffer support. I added vga=791 line to /etc/lilo.conf. I also
tried vga=792. Both these augments produced a much nicer command interface
and boot sequence.  I could see a penguin during boot. But when I start X,
what happens is a large amount of flickering and memory usage( screen
pointer slows down)  and when I log out the screen begins to flicker ver
badly. I do not understand this. I may attempt to use the modified X binary
from the Steveh site listed above which is based on XMac64-3.3.6. I don't
know. The truth is my X windows works fine, but I would really like to have
the interface the frame buffer support gives me on the command line. Any

Joe Bonansinga
Bioinformatics Programmer
Archer Daniels Midland
(217) 424-4833
(217) 424-4230

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