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Red Hat 7

Red Hat 7.0 was released today.  There is a mirror on our site, but,
unfortunately, somebody at Red Hat added ftp.silug.org to the list of
official mirrors on their web site, so all of a sudden I had more than
20 people trying to pull the ISOs over my poor little T1.  To get
things back under control, I've killed ftpd on the server until a few
more people get finished.

If anybody really badly wants a copy of Red Hat 7.0, your best bet is
probably to let me know so I can burn you a copy and bring it to the
meeting tomorrow.  :-)  Otherwise, either find a mirror with a better
pipe or let me know and I'll let you in with rsync or something.  (Or,
of course, you can always wait for things to calm down and I start
ftpd back up.)

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(618)398-7320             | Meetings the 4th Tuesday of every month
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