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Re: DMA and corruption on WD hd

Thanks to everyone who answered my question re: hdparm and corruption.
Again, DMA was killing me, but without it my WD drive was so slow as to be
virtually useless.

I finally found the following on O'Reilly's web site, and it appears to
have done the trick (combining speed & safety):

hdparm -c3 -m16 -d0

c = 32-bit transfers
m = multisector I/O
d0 = DMA *OFF*

Of course, the -k1 flag is then necessary in order for the drive to
preserve its settings through a soft reset.

I understand (through Tom [thanks!]) that the 2.4.x series of kernels make
hdparm obsolete, but I'm using 2.2 and I didn't want to introduce yet
ANOTHER variable into the mix.

Thanks again, everyone.

-Jay Link

Note to Danny Sauer: What would you recommend over WD?

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