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Re: DMA and corruption on WD hd

On Mon, May 14, 2001 at 07:37:01AM -0500, Jay Link wrote:
> -Jay Link
> Note to Danny Sauer: What would you recommend over WD?

Oh, I didn't notice this after your .sig...

Personally, I really like IBM's ATA drives.  So far, IBM holds the
distinction of having never built a drive that I've seen fail.
Meanwhile, I would replace roughly one WD hard drive every few weeks
while I worked at Parkland.  Fujitsu has been pretty good in my
limited experience with them, and maxtor has also been pretty good.
Other people don't have problems with WD - after you swap out a
couple hundred, you start to question their quality, though... :)

But, if you must know, every drive in every one of my personal
machines and in the machines that I've built/repaired at my current
employer is an IBM.  They're fast, and I trust them.  IIRC, they're
also good linux supporters.

--Danny, off of his soapbox
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