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RE: remotely displaying X apps on another machine

Title: RE: remotely displaying X apps on another machine

> I've been wanting to try remotely displaying X apps on
> another machine.  I haven't been able to do this.  Is
> this possible from, say, Solaris or AIX to Linux?  Or
> is the cross platform a problem?

No problem at all.  On the linux box xsession, do an
xhost + AIXbox

then from the AIX box start your app with the option
-display Linuxbox:0

> Also, what about security issues?  I've heard there's
> a really easy, but insecure way to do this.

The information going from the AIX box to the Linux box
is on the network, available for sniffing.  You can also
do things like tunning through ssh, so the data steam is
encoded.  Some people also do
xhost +
this lets anyone in the world display to your machine.
xhost + AIXbox
lets anyone on the AIXbox display to your machine, not
just your login.  This can be fun.  Ie, the boss walks
by your monitor, as someone else starts a copy of
solitare up, and displays it on your screen.

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