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Re: Samba and Windows 2000

Ricky Bryce said:
> Is anyone running Samba on a Linux machine, and trying to access a share
> from Windows 2000?  I have been working with this for 2 days, and I got
> SWAT to work just fine, and I can see the Linux machine in Network
> Neighborhood, but when I double click the machine to get to the share
> level, I get a message that the network path is invalid.  I also tried
> this on an NT 4.0 machine and I get the same results.  If you have had
> the same problem, please let me know!  

I have samba set up on various systems being accessed from every
version of Windows from 95 on up.  Everything works great.

If you want user-level security, you will need to enable password
encryption on the samba side *or* hack the registry on every Windows
box.  (Find the file ENCRYPTION.txt in the samba docs for more

If you don't care about security (if the shares on a box are going to
be wide open), then it might be simpler to just set samba for
share-level security.

I've also found that it often makes life easier to force the samba box
to be the master browser by setting "local master = yes", "os level =
33" (or some higher number),  and "preferred master = yes".  (Set all
that, then restart samba.)  If you can see the box in the Network
Neighborhood browse list, this *probably* isn't a problem.

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