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Re: ANNOUNCE: Theres a new Linux list...

Jordan Bettis wrote:
> I was about to ask which features, but I went ahead and checked out the URL
> in your original post. I couldn't actually see any of the stuff without
> subscribing, so I'll just go down the list.
> Messages: I assume that's the mailing list. I really can't tell if it has
> any nifty features mailman and majordomo lack, but it does lack a public
> archive. 

That's configurable. I chose to make it accessible by members only for now.
For starters it tends to keeps spammers, freeloaders, and trolls out until
there's consensus that the *members* want their posts to be public. I can't
say I have much interest in pleasing non-members before members.

> I, as well as most people experienced with the Internet, like to
> research questions before they start asking them. I find that the vast
> majority of my questions have already been answered and that answer, since
> it was posted on a public mailing list or USENET group, is only a google
> search away. Non subscribers to your list do not have that option.

Huh? You can google. You are a non-subscriber. How does the site prevent you
from performing your research? Was that a hypothetical question?
There's an FAQ section in the Database area, but that's an awareness or
educational issue for new visitors that can be addressed. There's also
a Bookmarks area, in which predefined searches can be placed, if that's
what you are referring to. We're not looking to replace linux.com or
google or freshmeat or slashdot, etc. Those resources are readily enough
available without another me-too site.

A major mission I intend the site to accomplish is to bring resources to 
SILUG, LUCI, SLUUG/LinuxSIG, MOSLUG, CMLUG and other regional LUGs to 
facilitate joint efforts and inter-LUG networking.

> Chat: Why not just start an IRC channel on one of the public networks,...
> I assume the chat feature uses Yahoo Messenger.

Frankly, I don't see much use for the chat feature for just those reasons.
But, I'm certainly not advocating that all features Yahoo!Groups offers
must be used nor with the same level of use. Their chat feature may be seldom 
used if at all. It didn't cost anything to stick it on the menu, so I'm not
too bothered. I think it can be turned off completely, though.

> Files: This is something you mentioned in your original email, but I can't
> really see how it would be useful.

Me neither. But I was in a mood to turn everything on and then start turning
things off we don't need, rather than the other way around. Especially since
we don't know what we want to use yet. I too wonder how it could be useful,
but won't decide in haste before the members have a chance to figure out a use.

> check out ftp://ftp.luci.org

Thanks for the offer of Steve's bandwidth. I'll use Yahoo's instead.
It's limited to 20MB, so you can't get too crazy with it. Maybe a repository
for InstallFest flyer templates?

> Photos: See the web page thing for files. Anyhow, a guy in a group up here
> in Chicago is compiling a huge collection <http://www.tastytronic.net/main>
> of group submitted pictures.

Hmmm. A potential Bookmark? For me personally, the Photos thing is in the
realm of the Chat feature. Unless maybe as a repository for LUG logos and 
such or InstallFest/Event photos for press releases.

> Database: Uhh, what?

This is where I'm putting contact information for area press. The FAQs are
there too. It's a fully web-configurable database. Pretty nifty, actually.
> Polls: Ok, first of all, no. Polls are cute, but they're way over-used
> already.

Er, change "Poll" to "Election". I see it as a voting mechanism. And yes,
I agree they are over-used by the marketroids. Hopefully the members will
exercise restraint, but I'm sure there will be a "new toy" phase.

> there are many cgi poll programs

Thanks, but they already have one. Zilch download, configuration, or admin time.
But, we already know to go look in the usual places to get one of our own
if somebody feels motivated enough to expend effort to replace existing
functionality or wants functionality beyond the Yahoo thingy.

> Promote: I don't even want to ask what this is.

This is where you can sell out your friends. :)
What group doesn't attempt to attract new members either for growth or 
continuity? It can be removed, but as I said, I turned on everything by

> Calendar: How is this better than having an announcements page like
> <http://www.luci.org>?

Four words: Automated reminders. Repeating Events.
And a URL is a pull mechanism. The calendar has a tied push mechanism 

> That seems a bit pointless to me as the entire purpose of a LUG is to serve 
> a small geographic area.

According to *you*. I propose that each LUG has its own purpose, independent
of your restriction to, an admittedly subjective term, "small" geographic
area. My idea of "small" is a 250 mile radius of St. Louis.

> There are already services set up that serve the worldwide free-software 
> community.

But I'm looking to provide resources for the *regional* community. i.e. when
ITEC comes to town, or cross-LUG and multi-LUG InstallFests or Newbie Days.
You may be perfectly happy with all LUCI offers you, and that's fine.
Others of us are looking at a bigger picture, and interested in exploring
ways in which the area LUGs can function more cohesively than they have.

> I have to sign up with my email address to see the calendar?
Part of that reasoning is so you can get reminders for events we put on it.
But, your experience was only temporary. Thanks for pointing out that I
had it misconfigured for the group only, and not public. That's fixed now.
You should be able to see it now without signing up.

> ... try using the free tools available to you. You'll end up making a 
> system that's a lot more useful than what Yahoo provides

Yes I would. But I don't have a surplus of round tuits handy, nor a couple 
of weeks to do the research, compilation, installation, configuration,
patching, and tweaking right now, and the forecast doesn't look good. So,
I looked for a decent PHB solution, and Yahoo fits the bill. I'm not
saying it doesn't have warts, but I have to say, it is pretty much
within the realm of capability for an MCSE.

> Those are some of the things that Free Software is all about.

And some of the things it is lacking is ease of use. That's not to say
there hasn't been great strides. But, Free Software still has warts too.

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