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Re: CD Audio Interferes with Modem.

On 20 Dec 2002, Damacus replied to Al Gatton:
>> Could it be possible that the CD audio is so busy reading from the 
>> drive that the interrupt driven device is not allowing the processor
>> to 'see' all the ping requests in order to reply to them? 
> Yes, it's totally possible and fairly probable.  I've had this problem in
> the past, but in my case, it was excessive SCSI access to my HDDs on a 486
> box that were taking away from the modems abilities. 
> I didn't receive any help here, but I did eventually find the problem.
> http://www.luci.org/luci-discuss/199912/msg00030.html
> (hdparm -u1 /dev/device)

That fixes it.  Do I gotta put this in bootup commands, is there
another way to set it as default parameter, or is it a bad thing
for other purposes (considering that it isn't default behavior in
the first place)?

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